Publishers is one that seems to be working

As the media world continues its shift from print to digital, the publishing community struggles to find out how to make it all work.  Lower ad revenues have forced magazines in particular to make some difficult decisions. The most difficult may be the reduction of editorial staff considering these media outlets still needs to produce the same (or even more) content to generate the ad revenue back. It leaves these media outlets in a conundrum: How do we produce quality content without the resources we need?  Many outlets are leaning on the public sector, accepting content from “industry experts”. Others are relying on junior staffers or keeping a few talented (yet overworked) editors. The sad reality is that content is needed more today than ever before, yet jobs for writers are scarce. The journalists of yesterday need to network and market themselves like never before.  Good content is no longer enough. Good content at a good price is now publishing’s Holy Grail.

New Concept Keeps Writers Writing, Provides Quality Content to Publishers, and Desired Coverage to Vendors

A consortium of technology writers, reviewers and broadcast freelancers has launched™. The venture takes a collection of the most talented technology writers and reviewers and makes them available to technology vendors to produce articles published in major technology media outlets.