New Concept Keeps Writers Writing, Provides Quality Content to Publishers, and Desired Coverage to Vendors

A consortium of technology writers, reviewers and broadcast freelancers has launched™. The venture takes a collection of the most talented technology writers and reviewers and makes them available to technology vendors to produce articles published in major technology media outlets. has negotiated with publishers who have agreed to accept content from our writers. These are journalists who have either previously worked directly for publishers, or are current freelancers, or both. They know how to draft materials in accordance to content, format, and style preferences of these outlets. Vendors can approach us to have an article written and we’ll get approval from publishers to accept content. Publishers can also contact us to provide content for articles they plan to freelance. collects a fee from vendors, coordinates with the publishers, and pays the writers. This new concept will keep good writers writing, provide needed, no cost, quality content to publishers, and desired coverage to vendors.

These are news stories drafted as if they were assigned by the editor, station producer, etc.

“The content we develop will be unbiased and totally undetectable by the readers or viewers of the media outlets we work with,” said Rivka Tadjer, publishing and journalist coordinator of “The whole process is invisible. Only the vendor knows a fee is being paid. A large number of publishers are on board as they get the same content they have always had, but at no cost to them.”

In addition to article for media, will also provide writing services for technology vendors’ collateral, web content, case studies, white papers, sales sheets and more. Technology vendors have a common problem when talking about their company and products. They become so close to the material, they begin to get comfortable describing things in ways only internal company personnel can understand. Our journalists make a living of taking vendor information and explaining it to the masses. We can make your content more appealing and understandable to a wider group of potential customers. can do a complete materials’ evaluation and clean up.

“I’ve been having discussion for the past year with technology writers that have echoed the same tune. As the media trimmed their staff, freelancers struggle to find laudable work, and the remaining staff writers have become burdened to provide a staggering amount of content with very little resources,” said Michael Becce,’s vendor coordinator. “ can provide consistent work to freelancers and quality content to publishers without taxing their internal infrastructure. In many cases, they are using freelancers they already work with.”

We will make journalists available for speaking (user conferences, trade shows, seminars), live demos, webinars, [podcasts and more. will also provide talent for your video or full production of journalist-hosted video news segments. We’ll even distribute our videos to leading network news stations nationwide. We have a team of broadcast talent that has provided news interviews or finished news pieces to ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, G4, MSNBC, NBC, and a host of technology-related broadcast shows.