Publishers is a consortium of leading technology writers

that have worked directly for the most widely regarded business, consumer and technology trade media in the world. Many of the literal who’s who in technology journalism continues to do freelance work for these media outlets. This group of talent is available to you to write, present, review and broadcast.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has negotiated with publishers who have agreed to accept content from specific writers. These are journalists who have either previously worked for our network of publishers, or are current freelancers, or both. They know how to draft materials in accordance to content, format, and style preferences of these outlets.

These are news stories drafted as if they were assigned by the editor, station producer, etc.

The way it works is simple:

As the vendor, tell about the story you’d like to have placed in the press. We contact an appropriate publication, get that editor’s approval to run the story, and set you up with journalist approved by the media outlet. You get your story published, our award winning, top level tech journalists get consistent work, and the publisher gets free content. Everyone wins.

As a vendor, you now have access to the most talented group of writers than ever before.

  • Have a case study published in a major industry magazine
  • Have a professional journalist prepare marketing-related content
  • Get visibility of a new product or upgrade in print
  • Film a journalist hosted news segment and distribute to news outlets nationwide
  • Get your product reviewed (for your own collateral of in a publication)
  • Have a journalist present, demo, or speak about your products or the market at a user conference, on video, or in a webinar
  • Do a product comparison between yourself and a competitor (or publication or collateral)

We’ll arrange that.

Have other ideas? Run it by us.